Sears appliance hook up INSTALLATION & ASSEMBLY

Sears appliance hook up

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Yeah, it's not like no-burst washing machine hoses are expensive, or even difficult to install. I have had pretty good experiences with Sears Home Services, or whatever their repair division is called. My goal now is to alert everyone that buying any sear appliance hook up from Sears is at your own risk.


No one has called to this day 3 days later. That's a big appliance to have to move around by yourself especially after you paid for them to install. The catch is this: The re[ went as far to tell me that this was a holiday week-end and that it was impossible to get someone there earlier that September 9.

I called Sears Home Central to report this. Worst repair service in the world!! Here is my experience. I wait a few days to make sure I am being credited with a refund.

I wanted to talk to a Supervisor, and was told one would call mr back. Shop at Sears to get everything you want—including great gifts for yourself or others. A little while later I went to the basement and my furnace was running but not producing heat.

Wasted a month with Sears.

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We found the correct size at a local Sears. I recommend to not ever use them for home improvement. But it seems like the water lines for the washer should be a pretty standard size.

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Someone did and determined that the pilot light was out because of a dirty filter. I was told that the leak was under control. I had recently placed an order for a computer monitor online at Sears. This is a series on my experience with Sears as I tried to buy a Dishwasher and have it delivered and installed. This was enough to trigger my scam detector.

Sears Customer Satisfaction

This thread is closed to new comments. Earn points, get exclusive coupons and save. This is what the Sears user manual for my hot water heater says.

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