Perfectly matched dating colorado springs Perfectly Matched finds right relationships

Perfectly matched dating colorado springs

No personal information is kept electronically.

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Bob Stephens - November 3, 0. Answers to the 46 questions result in Shugrue knowing her clients quite perfectly matched dating colorado springs. A good person to meet is Donna Shugrue of Perfectly Matched, a matchmaker business in Colorado Springs that boasts couples now married.

SocialSEO clients and culture bring financial success. Fast-forward a few decades when she was 40 and recently divorced.

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The Twine Lab helps students build confidence. You have entered an incorrect email address!

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Or you have a strong personality that sends some women running. First, Shugrue meets with a potential client and explains the process. Small-business owners should weigh financing options. They clicked, got married and the groom called Shugrue. Shugrue then calls the match to share information and determine whether he or she wants to make the first move and call the client. She has decorated her office with posters of movie love scenes, Gone with the Wind and Titanic. Cookie delivery service opens in Springs.

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Someone who works for you in the summer may not work for you in the winter. Home Print Photo Perfectly Matched finds right relationships.

Women are concerned with height. The Colorado Springs Business Journal. She keeps information in paper files neatly arranged on her desk and in office cabinet.

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Capoeira studio expands culture in Springs. Women are much more accepting of someone who is overweight.

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Her gift showed itself early, as she was getting her friends together when she was in high school. Test results show how analytical clinets are, what type of humor they have, how romantic they are, how they spend money, how tension and anger rate.

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You want a long-term relationship that results in marriage. RazMaTaz recognized for support in Pueblo.

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Shugrue has been matching individuals professionally for 23 years. Please enter your comment! As women get older, they focus less on the physical. Donna Shugrue realized at an early age that she had a knack for matchmaking, and now she can claim helping couples get married.

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PeakMed changes model for care delivery. We got married in the Catholic church by a priest! Shugrue then asks clients to complete a question test that measures compatibility in temperament, sociability, conformity, affection, religion and finance. Peak Dental Services continues to open offices. Maddoxes make thunder in Palmer Lake. Please enter your name here.