List of dating reality shows Roses, Tears, and Loogies: The Definitive Ranking of Rom-Competition Reality Shows

List of dating reality shows, the best dating reality shows


Some people ended up at ice cream factories, but others met in the Maldives or Anguilla. And then killed himself. This show also followed the elimination style game, but switched things up by bringing in a group of not-so average Joe's in the middle of the season. The show was cancelled mid-season. Eeek, talk about pressure… Oh, and Jameela Jamil is the presenter which automatically makes it a must-watch. That said, it definitely gave us the necessary nightmares that ultimately convinced us that cleaning our rooms regularly was a good idea.

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That has to cross some kind of invisible dating show line, right? The rules are simple — no likey, no lightie. Think of it this way: And none of the women know this.

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Eventually, Philippoussis chose a kitten. But it was pretty special in its own way. Three men or women competed to best guess the answers the main contestant went with in the same dual-choice questions they were given. And, if you're a reality TV addict, consider voting on these lists of the best reality competition shows, reality dramas, cooking competition TV shows and medical shows.

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After four days, the star could decide to split the list of dating reality shows money with the contestant left standing and see him or her again, or pocket all the cash.

Hardwick claimed that he turned the show down six times before agreeing to host, under the condition that he be allowed to write his own material. So with that being said, we take a look back at the best and worst dating shows of the past 15 years.

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Now, it's coming back this year after 14 years off the air. After eight successful seasons, the show came to an end inand there hasn't been a popular show like it since. This site uses cookies.

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Instead, they threw in a bunch of heterosexual men in there too. He was shown in silhouette the whole time. Yep, this show really is as insane as it sounds. And it would have been more of a big deal if Bravo had actually cast the show with all gay men. Jen Abidor and Dave Quinn go through them one by one, alphabetically, of course.

Each contestant on this show is scientifically matched with their perfect partner before the show begins. Monday through Thursday, at 3 p.