Hook up 30 amp breaker How to Install a 30 Amp Breaker & Plug

Hook up 30 amp breaker

I angled the breaker so a photo could be taken.

A Safety Note about Breakers

For Three Prong Cords the Center cord wire goes on the center terminal, the left on the leftand the right on the right. In the example in the picture the dryer doesn't have color designation on the wires, follow direction above; if the dryer cord does have colored wires, white is the neutral wire to the center connector, the red and black wires are the hot live wires which connect to the 2 outer connections of the dryer terminal block, don't forget the ground strap or green wire jumper from the center connector to the dryer frame.

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On the back of the hook up 30 amp breaker is four screws. Dating agency for graduates ground strap could also be removed if you wish as it is not needed in this installation. The ground wire connects to the ground bus.

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Make sure the wire is not over-tight so as to create strain points at corners and joins. A breaker designed to be used with v, is a dual double breaker that actually when mounted into the panel connects to both phases of the incoming powerin other words connects to both the red and black panel lugs colors in illustration, your panel is not colored but will be alternating between phases from one lug to the next.

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The neutral bus is a terminal block also with many small holes where the white neutral wire can be connected and tightened into place with a screw. These use four wires—black hotred hotwhite neutraland green ground.

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A green wire could also be used to connect the center connector to the frame of the dryer. The first question to ask yourself is — Why am I replacing this breaker? To be even safer you can switch the main breaker off to de-activate the panel which installing the breaker, use a second person to help with a flashlight if needed. With the main breaker off, the buss bars that the branch circuit breakers connect to are isolated from the incoming voltage and will be safe to work on.

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The whole purpose of the Code change to the 4 wire is to seperate the two. If your tester does not light up the hook up 30 amp breaker you disconnected the power correctly. Attach the black or red wire to the output side of a vacant amp breaker. The red and black wires are hot live wires and get connected to the 2 outer connectors on the dryers power terminal block, doesn't matter which is which as long as it is the outer two connectors.

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New electric ranges and Welders also run on 30 amps and would need a dedicated circuit for safe operation. In the sample picture above the ground strap in folded over and is connected to the center connector but NO connection from it or jump to ground. I have replaced v light fixtures and added on extra outlets in my basement, but never messed with before.

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A recreational vehicle RV acts as a single appliance when plugged into shore power by a single cable. Make sure to insert the wires fully into the screw terminal and tighten the terminal screw securely, using a screwdriver.

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Then re-attach the wire to the load terminal.