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Dating tumblrs

Delaware and willing to date someone in the surrounding philly, new jersey, maryland area as well. I love art, and I love music.

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Femme boy and fandom enthusiast seeks adorable partner for life and you know, the afterlife if things go really well. However, this leads to me being extra sensitive sometimes, so beware. But I am in desperate need of friends who will actually talk to me somewhat frequently and I want to bond over nerdy stuff with them. The more we have in common, the better.

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I love to read homestuck and dating tumblrs and I cosplay a lot, along with sewing and I do watch some animes. But i do write fanfic, and i do love the friends i made in fandom. I have no social circle, so I want people to talk to who know what a fandom is. Both listening and making it brings me a lot of happiness.

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I hope to talk to someone soon! Basically, I collaborate with other writers online to create our own original stories. I always had to wake up 2 or 3 hours in advance to make sure I caught it in time. We'd love to feature your successful relationship on this blog on this tag!

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Oh, the dreaded about me. Stuff I look for in others is fairly different from what I like in myself. I have no problems with other religions as long as you do not use it to demean me in any way. I love datings tumblrs, books, music, plants and animals! I am a Junior in college majoring in New Media and minoring in Theatrical Production, with a concentration in Costuming. OllieLover [feel free to DM me!

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Tumblr- stopmaxytime Instagram - nekomaxychan Kik- nekom13 pic of baby fluttershy. I like starting new shows on Netflix but never finishing them because I get bored or to attached to the characters. If I pay this down payment, things can continue as normal. I cosplay and I love anime and video games. I have everything from screamo to show tunes, rap to country, on my phone.

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Want to dating tumblrs more just ask! I am interested in wicca, although I still need to learn more about it before I can say I am fully committed. Awko-Luke Ask for an Email if interested. Send us an ask if you want a fandom added to our list or if you need your post changed or deleted. If we get close, I may talk more about my identity.

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I can make decent sub sandwiches and great sandwich wraps. I enjoy roleplaying not in the bedroom, sorry.

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I always reply though the fastest way is Kik and tumblr. I play video games sometimes.

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