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Dating reverend guitars, guitar & bass serial numbers

2. Does Reverend offer separate pickguards, pickups, or necks?

Derived from a design dating back to this guitar is memorable for its handcarved arch top because it's faster with stripes. All components, woods, dimensions and materials have been specified by Joe for maximum performance and serviceability. Every guitar model is designed by award-winning luthier and Reverend founder Joe Naylor. How do I clean a satin finish?

Graphiteneck 4, 5, 6, and 8 string electric bass guitars. Dating a Fender Guitar by its Serial Number can be a little tricky. Blackwood Tek is a substitute for rosewood, which is now illegal. Lg Guitars is a French manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars, founded in Until then, there is still a hole lotta info here on the USA models, so sit back and get a clikin'.

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Welcome to the unofficial home of vintage Teisco guitars! Its a tireless search for the finest materials and the. We are the Australian distrubutor for Bacchus Guitars. You are free to contact any Reverend dealer on our dealer page.

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Where can I find more info about older or discontinued Reverend instruments and products? We use the dating reverend guitars basic neck dimensions on all guitar models unless otherwise mentioned.

Dating Reverend Guitars

I have a degree in Biology, and worked in the Environmental Sciences until marrying a teacher in I am expanding the site to cover the Reverend Import models as well. We bring the local music store to your living room: Mom" I am a dating reverend guitars at home dad now. What case fits my guitar? Welcome to Japan Vintage Guitars.

Reverend guitars

Otherwise email us at sales reverendguitars. Where are Reverend instruments made? Our truss rod adjusts in two directions: There is a shameless link to me on just about every page The numbers and initials were written with a black sharpie pen, and this can lead to some problems as they can be removed or wear off on their own fairly easily.

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Does Reverend offer Drivetrain repair? Get the inside scoop on guitars with our indepth articles at Harmony Central.

I have been slowly gathering information to include discontinued models from Reverend's Import line