Dating caminetto pipes The History of Caminetto (shapes, stamping, articles, etc.)

Dating caminetto pipes

The young man had visited a school of arts and also completed his service in the army.

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In fact, Ascorti and Radice both wore impressively large mustaches, and a pharmacist in the neighborhood had been kidding them about that. Enzo Galluzzo -- This is one many may not know about, particularly because the company closed in Gianni Davoli, last chimney standing, stayed behind, now owning a pipe workshop without any pipemakers. Davoli filled the gap, promoting the Caminetto to be absolutely equal to the Castello in terms of quality, but asking only half the price.

The History of Caminetto shapes, stamping, articles, etc. To bring about more usa dating site and higher production, Davoli invested a considerable amount of money in modern pipemaking machinery, and in doing so went from distributor to co-owner of Caminetto.

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If it is a dating caminetto pipes inlay mustache, then it is from at least the 90s. One of the selling points was indeed that it was comparable in quality to the Castello line and having smoked both brands I can tell you that it was as fine a smoking pipe as one could purchase at any price.

I remember when Harvey passed and his collection was sold by Barry Levin. Davoli, for reasons of corporate dating caminetto pipes, later wore a big dating caminetto pipes, too.

You cannot reply to topics in this forum. The success was overwhelming - far beyond any expectation, with the rusticated Business line becoming the most popular.

A clear indication that he had very strong feelings as to his future with Caminetto. The newer model Caminetto stampings are quite different and easy to date.

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Is the mustache "comma-like" or bird swish like? The first is the traditional "Caminetto" stamp in script, followed by a 4 part grid with numbers. Galluzzo invented a new line of pipes in which he branded "Capitello.


For three months they sold pipes under the name Sergio. Then came the legendary evening when Ascorti, Radice and Davoli gathered around the fireplace after a hard day's work enjoying their pipes, a glass of wine, and humorous conversation.

But Ascorti had his own far reaching plan: In my eyes, there is old Caminetto production the line of gold stamped logos and new Caminettos white inlay logos. It was sad to see the infighting which occurred between the principles of the company but one of the positive notes that resulted was that each player seemed to go on to make some impressive briars under their own names.

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Thanks, I've bookmarked it. I'd like to try to date one. Gilmer, TX Registration date: I didn't know that they were more sought after.

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Doc Watson may have seen this collection in person. I've no Caminetto's in my assemblege of pipes, having primarily focused on Brit and American makers, but I learned SOOOO much from your well written and thoughtfully presented work!

The briar was so thoroughly cured that it was virtually one of the driest and therefore coolest smoking pipes you could own.

Caminetto pipes are known to be some of the best smoking pipes ever produced and the earliest pipes command pretty good prices today as most of you already know. Caminetto -- This, too, is Roberto's work but carries a different flavor to his Ascorti line, resembling some of the work of his father, Peppino, and the original Caminetto, which includes the wax-drip and new dear finish.

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Byhe held the vast majority of the company's capital. Like Al says, all of your compiled information does belong in Pipepedia.

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I had actually figured that it was an early era, I'd just like to get closer to the actual year. Mon Oct 19, 6:

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