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Just before the end of your freshman year of college, your cousin's roommate tries to kiss you when you're both drunk.

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The older I get, the worse it seems. What Girls Said Let 'em go like the passing of a cloud on the wind. Originally Posted by snap [ Register to see the link ].

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If you have facial hair, be it a mustache or a big wooly beard, you still need to trim and maintain it. Your mom worries you're a lesbian until the third time you tell her you're not.

So here it is, your guide to getting out there and meeting the right one for you. I look back and feel completely proud of myself, and wouldn't change a single thing, including the virginity.

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We became good friends and I really wanted get to know her better as a person. Are there groups in town you dating 25 year old male virgin like to join?

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This is just more false hope. Besides, if you want a good tip to improve yourself, try this 'Stand up, go outside and ask for a number of the fourth girl you'll meet'.

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Yes, either because they know I have never had a steady relationship, or because, as fellow Indonesians, they would assume I'm a virgin since I'm not married. A few of your girlfriends know you've never so much as fooled around with anyone. There are those of us who are married and no longer have sex for one reason or another.

Maybe being open about your inexperience is better because the worst they can do is not accept it and you just move on and find someone who doesn't mind.

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As we're currently upgrading our website, some pages may not display correctly. All times are GMT I have to say I don't necessarily regret doing that though.

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And find ways to enjoy your life that aren't centered on whether you have sex or not. It must be tough seeing your friends with their girlfriends.

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Does he not find me attractive? Type in something like "How to become a chick magnet" or "How to be smooth and be swamped by young women".