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She's also financing Bennett Miller 's next film, Foxcatcherand holds the rights to the Terminator franchise. She taught me an approach to publicity that maintains a sense of mystery but stems from passion and artistry.

UTA, Television Agent

This is a big one: I'm hanging out at home with my three dogs: Expanding the Kardashian Kollection to 16 countries after launching one year earlier at Sears. I got a fellowship through Warner Bros. Walking in the door at FX.

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Cotner, 33, played a crucial role in the acquisition of two box-office success stories: My grandfather told me, "This business is all about relationships, so no matter if it's the security guard or a studio head, treat everyone with respect and kindness.

Styling by George Kosiopolous.

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In any field, if you put in a shitload of hours, it's definitely going to give you some advantage. Olivia Jakiel September 30, Photo:. During the making of Bachelorettethere was a bryan unkeless dating where Adam Scott comes off the stage to kiss Lizzy Caplan. I was able to bring one of our contributors, Maude Apatow. Helping make the deal for one of my best friends, Jordan Okunto sell his first novel, L. I can't wait for Girls to come back.

Next Gen 2012: Hollywood's Fastest-Rising Stars

I hope to be standing in my office looking at a big picture from Arrow 's th episode party. In fact, its better if you dont. I wanted to be a CIA agent when I was younger. When Sam Gores handed me a glass of Champagne and said, "You're an agent. The actress-turned-web guru, 33, created the business model for most online shows when she launched The Guild with one-time partners Microsoft and Xbox.

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